Monday, 5 August 2013


Hi all,

Now i am going to go on the assumption that you know what youtube is, just encase you don't click the  word youtube and it will take you to it. The site consists of billions of videos that anyone can upload including yourself ranging from trailers, music videos to hair routines and lifestyle videos's. The site will also recommend to you on the homepage videos you may like after noting down other video's you have watched previously. There is a handy subscription option aswell so you can get notified when your favourite tubers upload new videos and creating an account is free so i would recommend it if you haven't already.   For those of you who know about youtube i am sure you have a few tubers that you have subscribed to already and i am going to talk you through a few more that you may like.

The first is probably the most well known.. Her name is Jenna Marbles. Click her name to go to her channel. She is hilarious and probably most well known for her 'how to avoid talking to people you dont want to talk to' video. Also known as the face video. It looks something like this.

She posts videos every Wednesday, and if you watch one you will most definitely have the urge to watch them all. Her post are just general things that come up in daily life that i'm sure you all will be able to relate too, with a touch of humour to bring in entertainment value. She is probably the most famous youtuber i watch with over 9 million subscribers, so clearly she is doing something right!

My second favourite is Davey Wavey. Once again click the name for his channel. This is a american guy who im pretty sure only posts video's about being gay, but they're pretty hilarious so check him out. One of my favourites is what What gay men think about vagina's. He also has a fitness page giving you tips and hints on how to get a better body which can be found through his main channel.

This particular youtuber also has a third channel called Davey Wavey Raw which is a more over 18's area delving into more over 18 types of discussions. Don't be put off if you'are not gay his videos are for everyone and will amuse i promise. This tuber over his three channels has over a million subscribers.

Another subscription must is GloZell made most famous by her cinnamon challenge video where instead of using a spoon full of cinnamon she used a ladle.  Lets just say it didn't end well, but made her youtube famous with over 31 million views on that video alone and frequent showings on rude tube. She does a number of other food challenges on her channel along with other wacky, wonderful and random posts to keep you entertained.

GloZell has gained just under 2 million subscribers and is a youtuber not to be missed, my view on her is her personality makes the channel more than the challenges she does. 

My final youtuber that will hopefully give you some entertainment would be Hannah Hart known for her controversial and delicious cooking attempts when drunk. So if you're ever looking to cook something that can only be described as interesting, check out her channel! 

Hanah Hart also links with many other youtubers on her channel and is a great way to find similar tubers that you may enjoy. Hart has had 700,000 subscribers and is one to watch. 

So there you have my top 4 youtubers, if these types of tubers don't take your fancy then keep looking through the website and find some of your own. Youtube has something for everyone. 

Hope you enjoyed reading.


Friday, 19 April 2013

The Poor and Penniless

Hi all,

As i am sure just like me, many other students have started to notice their wallets and purses getting ever so light in the last few weeks, their bank balance hitting that special number that all student know as end of the line and banks know as overdraft limit. This is because it is the end of the term, meaning student loans go in soon! Which you would think would be a godsend and it is, but it also means as i have found out that the weeks reaching up to this fantastic date are difficult to say the least.

Suddenly everything seems so expensive, the pub prices are more extortionate than normal and the fags are just not hitting the right spot, mainly because you asked the person at the counter for the cheapest ones they had and came out with a brand almost unpronounceable.

So i am going to give you a few tips to help you keep busy even though you have no money. First i suggest if possible a return to the parents house, That way you don't have to pay for food or heating which are the main spend for students next to alcohol and fags.

 Second ask your parents for money to buy alcohol and fags. Depending on the type of parents you have perhaps blur out the specifics of what you need money for. A good tactic if your parents won't go along with the answer of 'stuff' is to cause a distraction, ask them for the money and while giving an answer knock something over or quickly change subject to something more exciting, then after revert back to the money and a lot of parents will have thought you gave a good enough reason already. Or the third option lie and say its for something important like pens because everyone needs pens.

Once you have spent your free money and are hungover, bored and broke then comes the next few ideas. Perhaps get some equally poor friends together and... wait for it....... play monopoly!!! I bet a few of you went 'urgh' in your heads just then. But don't knock it! i love a bit of board game fun and i am not a monopoly snob cluedo and other ones are allowed to! But you're in for a funny time playing with your friends and maybe you can create some sort of strip version and make it an over 18's kind of game. But either way board games win and are free and its not like you're are doing much else.

My next idea... movies, i would say movie nights but don't limit yourself to just nights, chances are if you're broke and bored then im guessing you have quite a bit of free time, movie days my friends are the way forward! Maybe whack on the twilight saga and see who dies of boredom first! Although that one is normally quite a short game! But yes dear readers remember films are your friends!

I also researched things to do with no money so will tell you some of my favourites, start a blog... don't do this one, people hate people who write blogs,  Practice origami because that is a skill that will get you through life and making shapes is, well my favourite thing to do next to starting a compost bin which was also on this list, seduce you partner... much more my sort of thing, Take a nap which i do when i have money so that's obvious, Turn on the water sprinkler which is riveting,  hold a baby hopefully with permission from the parents and my favourite one... write your will because after doing the shit things this website suggested there clearly isn't much left to do in life.

My final point which should of been my first point thinking about it now, is to read my blog!!!!! because i like getting the page views and you know you're in for a good time with these!! I mean who doesn't appreciate being told how to spend their time after all....

Anyway hope you enjoyed reading.


Monday, 1 April 2013

Pulling Gone Wrong

Hi all,

Sorry it has been a little while, for any uni students out there you will know the pains of the end of term. It basically means hand in all your deadlines on one day. So i have been somewhat preoccupied. But don't fret i have officially handed in all coursework so now have all of Easter to find things to do other than revision!

So today im going to discuss the topic of pulling gone wrong! There are a lot of situations when you're on a night out, you've had a few drinks, that person is looking at you from across the room (refer back to previous post on eye fucking), after at least three more shots, one of you makes the first move, you're in a club and the general gist of your conversation involves 'WHAT!??' and 'I CANT HEAR YOU!', so the pleasantries are done with, you make out, people take pictures i mean we know how this bit goes.... But sometimes things don't always go so smoothly. So here are a few situations that can come up and my advice to you if they do.

Situation 1. So you're dancing with your new friend, they're are probably about a 6 or 7 but beer goggles on makes them an 8 or a 9. You start dancing and kissing, everything is normal.... But then you get a tap on your shoulder or an abrupt stopping to the most likely poor kissing skills of your new friend, to see depending on your preference a boy or girl standing in front of you looking like they're about to murder someone. Probably something like this.

Minus the hot tub....maybe.  Now is the point my friends to get out of the firing line because that bitch is either killing you or your new friend.  Yes this pull has another half!
 Now these situations are awkward to say the least! so even if you thought this new acquittance was really hot, perhaps you had something in common or you even saw something more coming of it. Well forget all of that because they're a cheater and what's worse they are a stupid cheater, i mean who is dumb enough to cheat with your other half there! I suggest you look as shocked as this betrayed stranger does, make a big fuss that you had no idea(even if you did) and walk away as fast as you can! i suggest turning around after about 10 seconds of walking away if you want to see this
However if you're are skilled enough there is always the chance to turn this situation around and make it into one of these
But i will leave that down to you to make that happen, but i would suggest a lot of alcohol!

Situation 2. Once again you are pulling someone but this time things go smoothly you get a few drinks together and then head back to your place(refer to previous post on one night stands) everything is going well and they ask to use your bathroom, while away you do the checks, just to make sure you look as hot as you think you do still, but then you notice its been 20 minutes and you're still by your lonesome, so of course go to see if they have got lost and find a image looking something like this.

Now as attractive as this is, its probably best that you don't continue what you originally had planned as that could get you into a lot of trouble. Instead the question is how to get rid of them? because to be honest no one wants to look after a drunk, especially one you barely know. 

To be honest it all depends on what the person is like. Some drunks will be perfectly fine after throwing up, they will get back up and be normal, on this occasion just don't give them a choice, my favourite line is 'i just called a taxi for you so you better wait outside for it' even if you haven't it doesn't matter! it gets them out of the house and then you can call a taxi, Simples! But sadly many people aren't so easy. If you have a more unstable drunk then if you can get their phone perhaps try contacting one of their friends and get them to pick the drunkard up! If that doesn't work well then close the door, go to bed and pray they're are gone by the morning! And maybe leave them some water because there is no need to make things worse! and hopefully when the sun comes up the only thing that won't go away is a hangover! 

These are just a few situations that i could think of, but i am sure there are plenty more! If you can think of any put it in the comments below. 

Hope you enjoyed reading.


Friday, 15 March 2013


So I've been watching some romance films recently and now am feeling all mushy inside so I'm going to chat about some of that stuff...prepare yourself.

Now I'm not a big relationship person to be honest, I think if I found someone I really liked, then sure I would be with them. But the people I tend to like are either in relationships, or I'm just not really their cup of tea if you know what I mean.

But that doesn't stop me crushing on them! One thing that i notice for me anyway when i like someone, like really like them i just can't get them out of my head. Its kind of a good in the way that you are just day dreaming about the many scenario's of you too together, and to be honest could be thinking about worse things. One of my favourites is this dream scenario.

But at the same time its annoying because its only a day dream and you want the real thing. My suggestions in these situations is if the person you like is single and you are in fact their cup of tea, then make a move! Turn that dream into reality as they say. Don't wait for them to do it because you could be waiting forever! and always remember confidence is hot! It doesn't matter if you're a girl or a boy everyone loves confidence! FACT!  Make your move and see what happens, yeah they might reject you and you know that's awkward, but they might not!

But if you're like me and tend to crush on those special someone's who already has there own special someone's, well I'm not fan of cheating, so my suggestion would be to try and move on from it. If one day you're single and they're single then i expect your feelings will return and try it then, but don't wait around for that. I know its not exactly stuff of fairy tales but if you move on maybe you will go and find another prince, princess or knight in shining armour who will make that old flame look like a toad.

So if you're are lucky enough to have the day dreams and make them real....well i am jealous of you my friend. And if you're not so lucky this time then don't give up just yet. You never know what's going to happen tomorrow.

Don't worry normally this sort of thing makes me want to vom, so it won't be a regular occurrence.

Hope you enjoyed reading


P.S I am now going to bombard you with people who have already found their prince, princess or knight in shining armour.

Monday, 11 March 2013

My Best Investment

So encase you haven't noticed its snowing...again!

I have now decided that the British weather is Bi-Polar! That can be the only explanation for the weather mood swings! I swear a few days ago i saw people wearing shorts and now its back to the thick coats, jumpers and boots!

I am so bored of the cold weather now its unreal! i think its time for summer. Although saying this as much as the snow is a complete turn in the wrong direction you cant say that its not pretty. So as much as you want to moan about it at least its nice to look at!

Now onto my main point, a while a go i bought myself a new winter parka coat. Which i love. It was one of those things you suddenly notice and then are not happy until you get yourself one even though the day before you hadn't even thought about them. Unless that's just something only i do, either way it happened.

Only thing about this coat is that its from Topman and it was going to the very cheap price of £100. Much to the disapproval of my parents for spending so much money on a piece of clothing. But i did get student discount off it and i had a £10 voucher so it was only £80 which is a bargain in my eyes. Or that's how i justify it anyway. But of course my parents told me i would only be able to wear it in the winter months and then would't touch it again.

But dear parents who i hope aren't reading this, i have something to say to you. Its snowing... in march! and knowing how the lovely British weather is, it will probably snow again in May, June and i expect July. So this interestingly priced coat has now become an all year round coat. So i consider it to be my best investment and well worth the money.

Now expect lots of pictures of this beautiful investment just so i can show it off.

It also has an awesome pattern

Just a quick extra bit on another investment that has to be the best bargain i have ever found. Some boots from Burton also £100 but reduced to...£15! And they are the warmest things ever. I went out today in the snow and my feet were the warmest part of me! Second to my body under the coat of course.

Sorry for getting picture happy but blame my housemate for taking too many truly attractive pictures of me... as you can see.

Hope you enjoyed reading


Monday, 4 March 2013

What coloured glasses are you wearing?

Have you ever looked at someone and not been able to see anything wrong with them? That everything they do seems to just oozes cool? But you can never quite reach their standards. They make everyone laugh with a one liner but you have trouble making anyone laugh with any of yours. They always seem to look good in every situation whereas your walking down the road sporting the it rained, snowed, you got it by lightning and spilt food down yourself look.

These gods on earth can be anyone, most people seem to think they have to be that crush, the one that you never think you will get because they're just too perfect and your just not. But i don't think that's true... yes a lot of the time the person you're dreaming about on those cold winter nights tends to match this category but there are others/ Ones you don't really think about.

For example ive seen it quite a bit, there is always that friend that you were slightly jealous of for whatever reason better hair that you, more muscular, always getting with better looking people than you. There is always one friend that people seem to think of as better than them, and these are the friends you look at in green coloured glasses. I mean we think love blinds us but envy sure does it too!

Another one would have to be loyalty, and i have no idea what coloured glasses those would be so im going to move on from that analogy now. Don't get me wrong i think when someone is truly loyal its amazing! If someone sticks by someone through thick and thin you have got a real good friend there! But sometimes i think people are so loyal that they loose sight of everything else. I think it blinds people from seeing that there is a reason they're are the last one standing by them. That their blind loyalty is stopping them from seeing what's actually going on! Now im not saying ditch your friends but just be aware that just because you may have been friends for years or are really close doesn't mean that those person cant do something wrong and sometimes staying by them through everything might actually be stopping that person from seeing their mistakes.

So i suggest to the world to take off your glasses (okay im back on the analogy) and just look at everyone as they are, don't look at people through their past actions look at what they are doing now, don't stare at that crush all day long thinking how you never have a chance, look for their flaws so that they seem more attainable, chances are they are just human and just looking for someone to treat them that way, and don't be jel of that friend that seems to have everything you want, use that as motivation to get what you want, instead of dreaming about it.

So you may not believe me on any of this, which is fine, but tell me you weren't thinking about a particular person when reading each of these?

Hope you enjoyed reading


Friday, 1 March 2013

Never Have i Ever.

The perfect drinking game for finding out secrets, scandals and embarrassing details into peoples lives.

This has to be my most favourite drinking game ever! If you ever want to know some secrets about someone this is the game for you.

For all you hermits out there i will explain the rules.
1.First get as many shot glasses and alcoholic beverages as you can, mainly spirits and shotable drinks. If you haven't got any of these normal booze such as beer and cider work fine just drink them from your cup but of course you won't get as drunk which means you won't have as much fun.
2. Create a circle so you can see everyone and their drinks. To make this game run faster i suggest filling up all the shot glasses at the beginning to avoid the tedious task of refilling which as the game progresses becomes more and more difficult.
3. The order of this game generally is you go around the circle but as the game goes on and your sentences slur more people will just call out.
4. The original rules were on your turn you say 'never have i ever...' then you state something that you've never done that others in the circle may have done. If anyone in the circle has done it they must drink. However the modern take to the rules is that you say 'i've never'  because when your drunk that's a lot easier to say and you can have done your i've never. You just have to be prepared to drink alongside everyone else.

Now this game is predominately about sex, sexual acts and sexual misgivings. So be prepared to reveal all when playing. Had any embarressing sex dreams recently? or perhaps your twosome has become a threesome on occasion well playing this games those secrets wont stay secrets for long.

An extra tip for this game is when playing with your close friends whose secrets you already know, its always fun to embarrass them but be warned if you know their secrets chances are they know yours!

So when you're drinking responsibly this is your game!

Hope you enjoyed reading.


P.S. Also i take no responsibility for the events that occur during this game.... including

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

One Night Stands

We've all done them! and if you haven't you will. People seem to think that due to our new secular society and modern generation one night stands have become a usual part of life that was never there before. But i think that's wrong, one night stands have been happening all over history. The amount of 'Bastard' children that came up in history shows that, and if any of you ever watched The Tudors, Henry V111...Serial one night stander. Its just today its more talked about and joked about and less women are called whores because it...Although i guess that still does happens, but these things take time, at least some men are called whores as well now thats a plus right?

So today im just going to give you a few bits of advice on one night stands to help make your one nighter the best it can be. This doesn't mean in anyway that ive had a billion one nights stand by the way... just putting that out there.

First of all don't ever attempt a one night stand with a friend for obvious reasons, such as you will actually have to see them again. The key to the perfect one night stand is plan to never see them again so to avoid awkwardness and the you've seen me naked thoughts.

Always try to bring your new friend back to your place, there are many pluses to this, such as being at your place meaning you have all your things you may need before bed, being able to have a shower in the morning and hope they leave during to avoid awkward goodbyes and the most important, not having to leave early in the morning wearing last nights clothes for the long walk home known to all as...The Walk Of Shame. However if you do end up going to the other persons place because you clearly didn't follow my advice then when starting your long cold journey home, first of all think about how you didn't listen to me! and second ALWAYS refer to the walk as the Stride Of Pride! Never feel shameful of a one night stand. Unless they were gross...then you're back to a Walk of Shame.

Now because this is probably the first time you're meeting this person it may be better to hold back on any freeeakkkyy stuff.You know what i'm talking about. Unless they have shown some interest don't show them all the weird because chances are they will know someone who knows someone who has a friend who has a sister who knows someone that knows you! and you may not want that circling.

This is an obvious one but i thought it was funny, try not to have a american pie moment.

We all know a few minute men out there and it is not a name you want to pick up!

The subject of cuddling is more of a play it by ear thing. If you dont want to cuddle then don't easy as, if you do maybe start of with an arm then lead to the full on spoon. Chances are you will wake up back to back in the morning anyway.

 How to get them to leave and how to leave?
 The easiest option would be to say you have work, uni, college or whatever in the morning so you have to go. If they're at yours they will get the hint and if you are at theirs they will probably be at the door saying goodbye already.

Now if in some crazy world you possibly want to see this person again but you're not sure how they feel always judge it on how you say goodbye. I believe the rules are a wave means pretty much goodbye forever, if you get this then go buy yourself some hangover food to drown your sorrows. A hug tends to mean if i see you again it won't be too awkward but im not sure if i want to 'see' you again.This one can be worked on may just have to do a bit of text flirting, that is if you got their number? and a kiss tends to mean i had a good time and if you want a booty call im here. Obviously they're thinking its a one night stand so you will still have to work on it but you have the advantage of that at least.

So thats my advice, hope it helps you on your many endeavours and for this post i suppose Happy Humping.

Hope you enjoyed reading.


Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Iphone Generation

Hi all,

Have you seen that new breed of humans around? They walk around always looking down unable to lift there heads, if you try and talk to them the most they can answer with is a grunt or moan, they rarely blink and they have a mutated hand with an extra ligament to it.

The official term used for these creatures is.... IPHONE USERS!

So i have recently purchased myself an iphone 5, Have to say it was quite an impulse buy, i went into the shop just to have a look at phones and an hour later walked with an iphone, new contract and some cash which was nice. A lot of my friends already had iphones and i had wanted one for a while so i could join in with playing on all the new apps and such.

But since my friends have got iphones i have noticed how much they are on them. There have been actual moments when i have been talking to my friend and said "so i was talking to this guy and he wasn't listening so i smashed him over the head and killed him " of course my friends reaction to this statement was "mmm cool".
 Classic iphone users talk!

Now i will admit since i have got my new phone i have been on it a lot but i am chucking that down to the fact that its a new phone and all new and exciting! Not because im becoming one of them! But then again i guess the reason you get smart phones is so you can use all the apps and twitter on the go right? and i understand why people are on them a lot but i think there should be some moderation otherwise you won't be far off from those attractive people in the picture above.

So even though my aim is to not become on of those iphone addicts im still going to share a few pictures of my phone because its new and exciting for me, so i want to show it off.

Now if you'll excuse me i have to instagram a picture, tweet and retweet it and then send it to my facebook. 

I swear i won't become one...promise. 

Hope you enjoyed reading.


Sunday, 10 February 2013

Eye Fucking

Hi all,

So i'm aware the title of this post might look slightly odd but hopefully by the end of it you will understand and possibly be quoting me on it. Now the term 'Eye Fucking' is something i've heard used a few times and have noticed a number of times. If you've ever heard the song by Will i am and Britney Spears 'scream and shout' the line 'Everybody in the club, all eyes on us' will take on an entire different meaning.

I'm not going to lie, im using that song as inspiration for this post.
So to help you understand the exact meaning of this term i am going to paint the scene for you...

You are on a night out, you're wearing an outfit you feel makes you look particularly attractive and you've just entered a club. You get your drinks in and once you are feeling merry enough you go up on the dance floor. You start getting your jam on and have a quick look around and then you see it... The eyes staring right at you, locked on. That's when you know... you are being eye fucked! Now in these situations i have found there is only two options. 1. If you think the person that is currently imagining you naked is acceptable for a possible 'liaison' then stare back, lock onto those eyes and hold it, this is known as official eye fucking! Obviously don't stare at them non stop because that would be a bit weird and creepy but keep looking back there every few minutes. By responding to the eye fucking you are opening up to the possibility of actual fucking. 2. If the idea of them picturing you naked makes you want to cover up then avoid eye contact at all costs! Try your best not to look at them again. This is the official silent rejection and hopefully they will know these rules and not approach you anyway and if they do then hopefully you've already come up with your own methods of rejection. 

In case you are still having trouble understanding perhaps the urban dictionary can help. Its definition of 'eye fucking' is when you catch someone's eyes or lock with them for a split second that is really hot as hell, and then you picture yourself having wild sex with them or to stare at someone insinuating you want sex.

Eye fucking i have found can take place in any social occasion but if you want to see it in action then go into a club, i promise you, Any club, anywhere its happening!

Hope you enjoyed reading.


Saturday, 2 February 2013

Pitch Perfect

Hi all,

So basically today i am just going to big up the film Pitch Perfect which i saw a couple of nights ago. All in all it is my new favourite film. I would have to say its a mix of glee, the hangover, Bridesmaids and the breakfast club. Now i haven't actually seen the breakfast club but this movie references it a lot so that is now on my must watch list!

One big reason i like this film would have to be that it has Rebel Wilson in it! I am a big fan of hers and she really makes this movie! You will probably recognise her most from the film bridesmaids where she is the main actresses room mates sister with that way to close a bond!

Image from Bridesmaids movie

I did a bit of research on Rebel Wilson and found she has a lot of new movies coming out soon so i will be in the queue for those for sure. One that looks particularly good is Bacherlorette which im sure i will give you a review of once its out!

Now for those of you that are put off by films with singing in them i would say to give this one a chance. Yes there is singing and i would say with most musical films the singing is pretty much the reason they get a good review because without it people might actually notice the lack of storyline and character development, but Pitch Perfect i would say the singing is my least favourite part(not to say its still not good). The reason i liked it so much was because of the humour and projectile vomiting, and you know if there is projectile vomiting in a movie its going to be good.

So if your looking for something to watch on a quiet night in get this! and just so you know how much i liked it, i've been a bit under the weather the last few days and ended up watching this two nights in a row to make me feel better and im tempted to watch it again tonight! its that good.

 Hope you enjoyed reading,


Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Jumpers! Jumpers! Jumpers!

Hi Guys,

Recently ive noticed that my wardrobe has started to become full of one particular item of clothing...Jumpers! Ive noticed that i have so many i spend about 10 minutes deciding which one to wear. But when i try and share this love with others, people just don't seem to have the same love i do. I suggest buying a number of my family members different jumpers and they have all come back saying 'i dont wear jumpers' or 'i dont suit them' which i think is rubbish! Jumpers suit everyone!

Now i get there are some interesting ones out there that may not be to everyone's taste...

Bur generally jumpers are a must in everyone's wardrobes! 
And its not even like they're expensive! Primark actually do some pretty decent ones for less than a tenner! And you can always lie and say they're from somewhere else! Because if you are an England dweller like me then we don't have the warmest weather around and a jumper will keep you warm and fashionable! 

So if you don't already have at least 5, i suggest you go out and get some more! And to anyone that has said they don't like jumpers beware i will convert you soon enough! 

Here are some of the occupiers of my wardrobe! 

Hope you enjoyed reading.