Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Jumpers! Jumpers! Jumpers!

Hi Guys,

Recently ive noticed that my wardrobe has started to become full of one particular item of clothing...Jumpers! Ive noticed that i have so many i spend about 10 minutes deciding which one to wear. But when i try and share this love with others, people just don't seem to have the same love i do. I suggest buying a number of my family members different jumpers and they have all come back saying 'i dont wear jumpers' or 'i dont suit them' which i think is rubbish! Jumpers suit everyone!

Now i get there are some interesting ones out there that may not be to everyone's taste...

Bur generally jumpers are a must in everyone's wardrobes! 
And its not even like they're expensive! Primark actually do some pretty decent ones for less than a tenner! And you can always lie and say they're from somewhere else! Because if you are an England dweller like me then we don't have the warmest weather around and a jumper will keep you warm and fashionable! 

So if you don't already have at least 5, i suggest you go out and get some more! And to anyone that has said they don't like jumpers beware i will convert you soon enough! 

Here are some of the occupiers of my wardrobe! 

Hope you enjoyed reading.


Monday, 28 January 2013

Home Comforts

Hi guys,

So im home for the weekend and its got me thinking about all the home comforts that i miss at Uni. Now don't get me wrong i love uni, but there are a few things that you just cant replace. Now when ever im thinking about home and what i miss, the thing that always comes straight to my brain has to be......... The dog! Now that may seem a bit off, most people would probably say there family or friends but you just cant replace the love you have for your dog. Or i can't anyway.

Cuddles when i first wake up...excuse the face as i said i just woke up.

More cuddles when watching tv....How could i not miss this! 

The next thing i would say is home cooking! Dont get me wrong student cooking is good with the baked beans with every meal, so much pasta and asda price everything but it doesn't replace the food your lovely mum cooks for you!

Now of course family come in here, couldn't miss them out! The good thing about coming home for just a weekend is you aren't there long enough for the arguments to begin but it is long enough to feel like you've seen them for more than a second. I found myself looking through some old photo's while i was back, i find there is nothing quite like rummaging through old family photo's!

Sadly all the pictures i tried to take didn't come so well but ill give you this, yes that's me .

The final comfort would have to be your old room, even if mine is tiny and has a single bed and its now being used as a laundry and storage for all the crap in the house room its still your room and there is nothing quite like it!

So all in all a good weekend, nothing to stress worthy just chilling and relaxing! Now back to Uni life and alcohol! Hope you enjoyed reading and let me know any other home comforts i missed.


Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Checklist

Hi all,

So i was talking with one of my friends recently about not being able to find that special someone, not because of lack of offers or unfortunate faces but because they don't match a particular criteria set by us of what is needed in the perfect partner. We feel that if people don't meet up to this then the option of being in a relationship is off the cards. Now this may seem extreme or strange and perhaps it is but then again when looking at me and my friend that doesn't surprise me. So i shall enlighten you all with some of the key criteria for the perfect partner.

1. Must be attractive.
Now don't judge me that this is number one or that its superficial! Because in a relationship if you aren't attracted to them then you may as well be friends! Now don't get confused however and assume that you can only date models (although if you can get yourself a model extra points to you) but someone you are attracted to, and there are many characteristics that make someone attractive other than their looks.

2. Must make you laugh.
This one i feel is a no brainer, because you wouldn't want to be with someone who is dull and boring and if they can make you laugh and i mean proper laugh then they aren't one of those people.

3. Must be good for you.
My friend made the point that there are the people she wants to be with and the people she should be with. Now the bad boy or the mental girl may be fun and exciting but the likely hood of it lasting is less than likely. You need someone that brings out the best in you and keeps you going through the good times and bad.

4. Must have the approval of your friends.
These phrases should pretty much some it up, bro's before ho's and chicks before dicks. Don't get with the people your friends don't approve of. Chances are they are seeing something that you are missing due to those rosy coloured glasses and they are your friends, so they have your best interests at heart. Also you will always be choosing between them and one day one of them will win out overall.

Now there are more but that could be a long list and i wont bore you, but these are some of the most important ones. However one important rule i feel you should always abide by when picking a partner is.

5.Must not settle.
Don't go for the first person that comes along, even though you may be having a lonely day or month or year, don't settle! Wait for the person that matches your checklist, the one that makes you forget you even have a checklist! It may take longer but when you meet them you will be glad you waited!

Hope you enjoyed reading,


Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sex with the Ex

Ive recently watched the film 'Its complicated' starring Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin. The film discusses an ex-couple divorced for 10 years that find themselves hooking up again in secret and reliving some of the good times.

Personally i wasn't a huge fan but it had some funny moments and i would still say its a good movie to watch.
But the main point of mentioning it is because it got me thinking about the main topic. Is it a good idea to hook up with your ex?

Now there are some clear benefits to it. For instance its familiar, they know what you like so the sex is going to be good. It most probably seems secretive and naughty making it more exciting. Now these are all good points and i wouldn't say i haven't thought about doing it. But there is a i said in my last post sex is hardly ever just sex when it comes to us, and when its sex with the ex its even more likely to bring up feelings as their has already been some in the past. 

Now im not saying don't try it, hell try it a lot but be warned it may bring up some old feelings that could cause complications, and be prepared that one of you may be thinking that there could be a relationship revamp. But if you both have the same idea and are just looking for a bit familiar fun then i say go for it! You only live once and if you're looking for a good lay then its unlikely you will find a better one off someone new.

But these are my thoughts on the matter, tell me yours if you have any. 


Saturday, 19 January 2013

Fuck Buddies to Relationship?

Evening all,

Now due to a particular relationship in my life recently i've found myself thinking about this topic more and more so thought i would share my thoughts. I'm sure a few of you have come across this same conundrum before and if not you most probably will come across it in the future.

Now encase you don't know, the term fuck buddy generally means two people that are fucking but that is all, they are there to relieve sexual urges with no strings attached. There are other terms for it known as friends with benefits and cuddle buddies (if you are that sort of person) but the rules generally mean that same. If you want a better definition there are two recent films come out that are exactly the same and explain it all.

I personally prefer friends with benefits if you're going to get one of them. 

 Now the general rules for these types of relationships is not to get attached, no feelings involved... but like these films will demonstrate sometimes a lot of the time that's not always the case. People tend to have a difficulty separating sex from emotions, and i would like to say i'm not one of those people but sadly i may have fallen in to this predicament. Now don't get me wrong i've done the fuck buddy thing in the past and it has been fine but this new one has got me questioning it.

Now something else us humans tend to do is over think things. When everything is going well we can't help but worry that everything isn't going as well as we think it is, and it's the same here! You do the job that fuck buddies are there for and then the thinking starts, its the age old question... do you cuddle? you start thinking did our eyes lock for slightly too long during? Maybe someone screamed the i love you line when going over the finish line(sadly this is a speaking from experience one).

Now in my experience over thinking always leads to terrible things! So try to avoid it at all costs. But i guess the reason im writing this post is to answer the question would fuck buddies work in a relationship. Now this is different for everyone but if both people are willing then i would say it is something to explore for sure. First of all you both know you're good in bed otherwise why would you keep fucking each other? Also you both clearly find each other attractive and can stand to be around each other for more than five minutes which is always a good sign so why not give it a go? And if you feel feelings are getting involved and that's not something you want then the best option would be to end it before it gets messy and someone gets hurt!

Now the question for me is do i take my own advice and which option do i choose?

Ill keep you posted.


Monday, 7 January 2013

Lesson in Friends

Today i am going to write about some general knowledge everyone should know on the friends you need around you to get through life. I believe that in everyone's life there are certain types of friends everyone has to have. So without further adieu.

1. The friend that's not got the looks, the smarts or the luck. (Unlucky Friend)
This main purpose of this friend is to increase your ego. So when life is bringing you down, and you need a boost, you go to your unlucky friend because you know they'll be having a worse time then you. If your feeling fat, go stand next you your unlucky friend because they are fatter then you. Or maybe your parent's have talked about that friend that they wished was their child a bit too much for one day. Go see the unlucky friend, cos you know your parents do not want THAT friend to be theirs. This is what i like to call a multi-purpose friend, they have many uses and never dissapoint. So if you haven't already got one, go out and find one. They do come in handy.

1a. Sometimes you can't always find that unlucky friend in just one person so perhaps you need a few. So some of my recommendations in friends to look for to make you feel better would be. A friend that's fatter then you, because we all care about how we look no matter what people say, and with a fat friend you'll always look better when standing next to them. A friend that's dumber than you, because when you talk to them you're fucking Einstein in their eyes. And last a unlucky or clumsy friend because when you trip over your own feet down the road and everyone see's if this friend is next to you, you know they will have done the same but with an added face plant on the floor moving attention from you to them. Also it will be fucking funny. So if you cant find an all out unlucky friend, find a few of these guys instead.

2. The friend that has always done something worse. (Evil friend)
This friend is for when you have done something bad, perhaps slept with your best friends boyfriend....again. Or forgot to feed your sisters hamster while she's away...again, causing another run to the shop for a new Mister Muggles just to find out later that the new Mister Muggles is actually Mrs Muggles, causing a very blurred version of the birds and the bee's to try and explain that one. Anyway when you have done something bad causing you to feel those guilt feelings and remorse go to this friend. This is the friend that you know has done worse, you slept with your best friends boyfriend, they slept with their cousin... again. Now this friend may not be the most polite person that you want your whole to meet but they sure can make that guilt and remorse seem like yesterdays problems. Just be careful not to introduce them to your other half, or your cousins for that matter.

3. The friend that is better than you. (Cunt Friend)
Now this may seem like an odd one but the point of this friend is to never let yourself think you're on top of your game. This friend is someone that always seem to do better than you, now you won't like this friend so much and you don't have to see them too often but just keep up to date in what they're doing, because a bit of competition is good for the soul and when you do actually beat them in something, its makes it soooo much better.

4. The friend that is a bitch (bitch friend)
This is one of my favourite friends but this friend is the one who will always find something to bitch about. Their is always some sort of drama going on and someone is always a dick to this person causing a bitchfest. This friend is to help you blow off steam, because once they start bitching, you'll join in because everyone does. There is always someone that has pissed you off, maybe at work or school or the gym. Whatever but bitch friend will listen because its all they care about, Bitching is their life and sometimes there is nothing better.

Now im sure their is many more types of friends out there that are needed in life, and if you have any suggestions let me know. Hope you enjoyed reading.


So this is blogging, personally i thought it might be slightly more glitz and glam but maybe that's just me.

I am sure many people have better reasons to write a blog for instance fame, fortune, chance to get your word out there. Personally i am writing it for me and no one else, now yes i may get slight butterflies in the stomach when i notice i have got that one extra profile view than i had when i last checked 5 minutes ago but apart from that i plan on writing for the fun of it.

So ill start with a little introduction, i wasn't going to give my name but as it tells you at the bottom anyway i suppose ill give it. My name is Jason Hyde and I am a student studying psychology with no idea what i want in the future. Kids, money, a job are the usual responses and they all sound nice, normal, if not a little overdone, and maybe one day ill have all those things and be happy but for the moment i'm going to stick to a clear and concise ?. 

My hobbies include the usual student generics drinking, socialising, occasional drugs when in the mood. Just your normal student behaviour. I know it sounds like what everyone says about themselves trying to make themselves look cool and interesting so ill give you a few uncool facts about me. I love reading a good book, i find it weirdly relaxing and i've just finished a series called the power of five by Anthony Horowitz which i would recommend. I played clarinet in school although wasn't very good at it which is why i stopped. Although if anyone asks me ill say it was because i had better things to do so keep it to yourself. Oh and i've decided to write a blog just for the cool factor. Now to give you some sort of interesting information to really draw you in and keep you reading for the last bit. This is the part i found most difficult to write if i'm honest.... (Many moments later after deep thinking for facts on a me and a quick facebook check) the best i can come up with is that i am quite vain, i wont leave the house unless i look good, i judge people wearing anything that doesn't look good and i think anyone that is ugly is probably just not trying hard enough and if they have then plastic surgery is always an option. Now don't judge me yet if you are an unattractive person reading this because i'm sure your personality is lovely because if its not well... then this is just awkward. 

So after a good ramble and a half ill quickly summarise my plans for this blog. Most likely just a quick ramble about any pet peeves i have had in my day to day life that i feel like sharing to all you lovely readers out there. Possibly some harsh comments about people, their problems and why no one cares and the occasional heart felt post on something i think is worth mentioning. So as i have my first official lecture of 2013 tomorrow ill get to bed. Hopefully some of you have enjoyed reading.